June 18th, 2007 @ 22:03

As part of my courses, I had to learn camllight programming this year. Sadly, all my school’s computers are powered by Windows, a non free closed source operating system, and the default frontend is the less usable thing around : copy pasting is completely broken, dumb default configuration, oldish user interface, no syntax highligting… The worst thing is that the sources aren’t published, I was just able to get those of the Objective Camlui frontend (which is quite the same, but in a much better fashion).

I know that there are already several other ways to have better “frontends”, such as cmdcaml, or using XEmacs with the tuareg mode, but heh, I was willing to provide something all-in-one that looks good. And I needed a good excuse to learn Python and PyGTK.

After a huge rewrite, exploding the original 1500 lines long source, here is a publishable version, embedding the camllight interpreter and using gtksourceview2 for syntax highlighting.

The usual preview :
CamlUI preview (thumbnail)

Feisty debs are published at http://guillaume.segu.in/code/debs/camlui/, with a helper script which fetches the 4 required debs (camlui + gtksourceview2(-common) + python-gtksourceview2) and installs them.
Source is versionned in a git repo at http://guillaume.segu.in/code/camlui.git/

Feedback welcome :)