July 1st, 2007 @ 15:11

pyGTK seriously lacks a good and simple color picker!
The current color picking widget, gtk.ColorSelection, is just way too huge and complicated : it provides several numeric entries for finer selection of HSV or RGB values, or can feature a customizable palette, but I don’t need all that (indeed I just need a Hue picker)
The worst thing is that it looks like there’s already a much simpler widget, which is available in C gtk+ (namely GtkHSV) and that it even has some form of bindings in pyGTK (type (gtk.ColorSelection ().get_children ()[0].get_children ()[0].get_children ()[0]) returns <class ‘__main__.gtk.HSV’>) but it doesn’t expose any of the interesting functions (such as get_color)
Anyway, I guess it’s about time to write another custom widget.