August 24th, 2007 @ 10:14

A few days ago, David (Compiz main developer) pushed out a bunch of code changing radically the way actions (keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, hot corners, visual bells) are handled by Compiz. Before these changes, every action had components for the 4 types of actions, while now there’s a specific type for each of these.
Consequently, libcompizconfig and its friends had to be updated. Patrick “marex” Niklaus, CCSM’s maintainer, being busy for a few weeks, I updated the compizconfig-python bindings and CCSM. These changes gave us the chance to review the actions handling in CCSM and change it.

Actions are no grouped in a single tab, ordered in a treeview, but they can be grouped in tabs and subgrouped in expanders as other settings. A small icon in front of actions’ label indicate the type of the action, and custom widgets were developed, among which a screen edge selector, a keyboard modifiers selector and a key grabber (which is able to grab Tab keys and such).

All graphics are courtesy of the GNOME project, thanks guys for the great work !.

Read more for some screenshots.

Overall look of actions in a normal options tab :
CCSM’s new actions handling preview

Close-up on the brand new edge selector :
CCSM’s new actions handling preview (edge selector)

Likewise, close-up on the new mouse button selector :
CCSM’s new actions handling preview (mouse selector)

And the original mockup of the mouse button selector by Dennis “onestone” :
CCSM’s new actions handling preview (mouse selector mockup)