June 15th, 2007 @ 22:10

I’ve been a huge fan of the Screenshot with Style GIMP script for a while. The result always looks cool and pretty. Nevertheless, opening the gimp, resizing the picture, finding the script through menus and applying it takes a while (at least a minute or two).
Consequently, I had a bit of fun with Cairo today, and wrote a simple but nice python script that does almost the same in a single command :)
It’s not as pretty as with the GIMP, but it’s good enough for now (I could probably improve it, but I’m a bit lazy)

Quick example (using the screenshot from the previous article) :
screenshot-beautifier sample

If you fancy trying it, just grab the code from git :)
$ git clone http://guillaume.segu.in/code/screenshot-beautifier.git/
$ cd screenshot-beautifier
$ python beautifier.py [source file] [result file]

Have fun :)