August 22nd, 2007 @ 12:49

Gitweb web frontend for git is great, but it’s a bit slow. Lars Hjemli wrote a new web frontend a few months ago, resulting in a nice C CGI app : cgit. It supports page caching, direct source tarball download, repositories grouping, graphical diffstats, pretty urls…

You can now use our very own cgit at, please report any bug on Freenode IRC/#compiz-fusion-dev or on bugzilla :)

Thanks to krh and daniels, who set it up on Freedesktop, we even have pretty urls!
Here’s the rewrite rule for lighttpd :
^/([^?]*)(?:\?(.*))?$” => “/cgit.cgi?url=$1&$2”

By the way, I guess I’ll setup a gitstat as soon as it supports multiple repositories/trees. It just looks too great.