February 16th, 2011 @ 10:16

Once again, after months of silence, it’s about time to break it. Since the last post I left the USA after about 6 months there, thousands of miles travelled, dozens of burgers and subs eaten and hundreds of hours working there (being quite nostalgic those days, I guess I’ll post a lot more on this soonish, probably through a large overview of all the places I visited while in the US). I was quite happy to come back to France close to my family, as well as to get back to school.

The school season started extremely fine with a lot of motivation from a few friends and I about getting a robot built for the next Eurobot French national contest. Soon after, another guy announced his will to create a hackerspace inside the school, quickly gathering a lot of interest from other students. We soon founded hackEns, a hacking group with various goals, from getting a Fab Lab running with the required tools and a RepRap 3D printer to building musical instruments from leftover wood pieces, through building our robot, hacking a PS-2 keylogger or fixing the broken light & sound hardware lying around. We even have a place (well, it’s in the school’s basement) where we can freely work.

Months later, the group is definitely not dead. We hosted the build of a Huxley RepRap of two artists from a nearby school, our own Mendel RepRap is almost done, our robot is nearing the prototyping step and we have a few new projects in line, from building a RC car with a thermal engine to setting up a Blinkenlights-like project on one of our school’s dormitories. I’ll try to cover our latest activities and findings over time. Keep posted, it’s gonna be legen… wait for it… dary !