March 6th, 2008 @ 21:29

It’s now official, Enso, a really awesome tool that integrates smoothly into your desktop and enables you to perform several otherwise boring actions by just using your keyboard in a very simple way (check Humanized website for a better description), has just been open sourced under a BSD-like license. It’s written in Python and uses Cairo for the rendering, and the end result is really neat.
One of the great news of this is that it’s going to work on Linux (and probably even BSD’s, though it requires compositing & a compositing manager for full functionnality, which is (afaik) only available on FreeBSD) very soon :). I’ve got it working on my laptop right now, after some python-xlib/pycairo/pygtk love ; it just now needs some more testing and polish before it goes live, but it’s gonna be great :)

Enso on Linux

Long life Enso!