October 30th, 2008 @ 08:42

Disclaimer : this post is completely useless, yet I like it

Short story : linking two individuals seems to be just a matter of having enough data about them.
Long story : I’ve been claiming for a few weeks that there is one girl (which I don’t know personally, just visually) here at the ENS who looks like my girlfriend (actually, I’m claiming my girl friend looked like her 2 years ago, but that doesn’t matter much). I was able to show her to my girlfriend last week (by the way, ENS “Urban Night” was great :) ), and she now thinks I’m completely crazy since, according to her, there’s nothing in common between them.
Since I hate being wrong, I went on and found the girl’s name after some extensive ENS students directory lookup, which lead me to her Facebook profile. I didn’t even have to run some facial comparison engine, the missing link appeared immediately. It was so obvious I was astonished I hadn’t guessed it before. The resulting matching is simply perfect.

They both love Nutella.