March 19th, 2010 @ 04:20

I seriously wonder what’s wrong with French names here in the USA.

  • My landlady has my email saved as Guilluame <guillaume@…>
  • The guy at the bank managed to swap my firstname and lastname ; does Seguin really sounds like a firstname ? (well, he also managed to make a typo in my pin code while recording my file into the computer system, which lead me to great lengths of stress when I figured that the damn ATM definitely wouldn’t let me use my long-awaited debit card [let’s concede him that it was an uncommon operation, since usually everything is directly done on the computer (and the pin code is typed by the user and double checked) but they were experiencing a computer systems upgrade at the exact time I came in to get my account opened)
  • Most people can’t pronounce Guillaume right, even if I tell them to just say William and that it sounds quite the same they won’t quit trying on their own and producing pronunciations I wouldn’t have thought possible (not that I really care about this, it’s rather fun than anything else :p)