August 9th, 2007 @ 10:15

CamlUII finally got CamlUI 0.3 working on Windows. Syntax highlighting is now powered by the brand new gtksourceview 2.0 (which will also power gedit 2.20). I have reworked the process handling a bit, but I still can’t get the “Interrupt” feature right :/ Windows process handling sucks so much, without the ability to send a single signal to a random process :/

Anyway, I’m currently working on integrating the documentation to the interface. This one sucks a bit too, since camllight documentation is (afaik) only distributed as a WinHelp .hlp file, which 1) isn’t usable outside of Windows 2) isn’t supported by Vista. I guess I’ll just convert is to a .chm (still not an open format, but better than nothing, especially with the libchm to read these files on Unixes).

I’ll upload the installer (powered by Nullsoft’s NSIS) as soon as I get the documentation bits in.