August 26th, 2007 @ 21:58

iXce on a Segway (Dijon, August 2007)After waking up a bit before 5 AM this morning and about 6 hours on the road, we finally arrived in Dijon around 11:30 AM. We left Sophia-Antipolis (the biggest French technopolis, located near Nice and the Italian frontier in the South-East of France, where my sister is going to get her very first job in a few days, working as a software development engineer) after one week of various operations to find a flat for my sister, and we had planned to stop there in Dijon to take a ride on a Segway. Indeed, the local tourism agency (or an affiliate, I’m not exactly sure of the legal situation of the whole thing, but who cares…) offers rides in the town center on Segway’s for just 15€, while similar trips in other cities are much more expensive (e.g. 75€ for a trip in Paris, which is likely to be way more crowded and a lot less nicer for a Segway ride).

Well, let’s be frank, that thing is just _awesome_. It is so intuitive that 30 seconds of training are enough to drive it safely. The handling is fairly simple : move your body forward and it will go forward, move it backward and it will stop, move it backward more and it will go backward. Turning is a bit more “usual”, since you have to turn a twist grip to turn left or right. However this detail has been changed in the second generation (which has been available for around one year) on which leaning to the left or to the right lets the rider turn accordingly. I hope the prices will decrease so that I can buy one in the future, it really looks to be a very nice tool. And I wish I will be able to ride one again soon. I have seen a lot of people badly criticizing it over the internet, thinking that the Segway was an useless tool, but I believe there is a large number of use cases for that technology, from making the work of policemen or guards easier and nicer to helping disabled people.

And the ride was great, thanks to the nice guide :)) We learnt a bunch of weird stories about local myths and nice informations. The fact that we were only three (my dad, the guide and I) made it even nicer cause she hadn’t to look after ten crazy guys or gals who could have hit a poor child in the street or whatnot.

Well, it’s time to jump to bed. Last night was… short *cough*.