September 7th, 2007 @ 20:46

Heh, so we are back there. School. Interesting. Well, this year looks _way_ (as in ______way______) more promising than last one (specifically it’ll potentially be __way__ less annoying). A nice group of teachers, among which my dad as maths teacher, a physics teacher who seems to actually like his job, a French teacher who opened the books to do something else than looking for sexual bits. I don’t have much to tell today, I’m awfully tired. Oh, I passed my Summer of Code final evaluation. I am eagerly waiting for the tshirt (which I won’t probably get before the end of October, when I won’t be able to wear tshirs anymore, but that’s not a real deal, I’ll wear it anyway xD).

Well, it’s about time to jump on my maths homework. Have a nice day :smirk