July 30th, 2010 @ 05:51

While sorting my pictures this evening, I was wondering how much pictures I captured with my EOS 450D camera since I got it. I knew (thanks to a doc about flashes I read a few days ago) that was I was looking for was the shutter actuation count of the camera.
Googling pointed me to a bunch of Windows or OSX related links, such as the nontheless nice 40D Shutter Count software, or pointers to exiftool, which did not work with the pictures taken on my 450D.
I then remembered the greatness of gphoto2 and gave it a shot.

  • Plugged the camera through USB, restarted it
  • Checked that it was detected with gphoto2 --auto-detect
  • Checked the capabilities with gphoto2 -a
  • Looked at the config options with gphoto2 --list-options
  • Found the /main/status/shuttercounter option
  • Ran gphoto2 --get-config=/main/status/shuttercounter
  • And here it is : 27781 shutter actuations

That number seems quite reliable, since I can have about 15000 of those pictures on my hard drive disks and I used to drop about 2 pics on 3 in my early days (I’m a lot softer on the shutter now, after experiencing the joys of picture sorting :p).

Good to know I’m still far from the 100.000 actuations expected shutter life for 450D’s.

Well, thanks gphoto2 for your simplicity !