March 2nd, 2008 @ 05:45

It’s been almost a year that this project has started, more than six months it has been having a name, it was about time to get it a neat forum theme.

So, well, here it is, check it out on (it’s not enabled-by-default right now, so you’ll have to select it using the style switcher at the bottom of the page). Please report any bug (there’s quite a high probability some icons will still be missing) in the appropriate forum, ie Forum/Wiki feedback.
Here is a couple of screenshots:

Forum theme screenshot 1
Forum theme screenshot 2

Huge thanks to Rico “RYX” Pfaus for the base layout, to Patrick “marex” Niklaus as well as the gnome-icon-theme team for the neat icons, and to onestone, Fyda and crdlb for the useful feedback, it was highly helpful. May I auto-congratulate myself for actually putting the bits together into an usable theme? *cough*

The project homepage theme is ready as well, we’re just waiting for some minor technical details to have it go live. The wiki will get a similar theme someday as well (I can’t really promiss anything right now, I’m damn busy)