June 16th, 2007 @ 01:56

I’ve just spent half of my evening packaging gtksourceview2 and it’s python bindings for Feisty.
gtksourceview2 is full of good promises with a much better and smarter highlighting engine. The gnomeprint dependancy has been dropped which basically means that it will be possible to use it on windows without too much harm (compiling gtksourceview1 on windows was a real hassle). You can read more about it at Tainted Words.

Preview :
gtksourceview2 in action

After fighting a bit with the 1.90 release, I eventually packaged current svn, since the 1.90 python module wouldn’t import.
Both packages and sources can be found at http://guillaume.segu.in/code/debs/.

Once installed, checkout the python test file and run it :)