June 13th, 2007 @ 01:29

Meh, I’ve been way too busy these days with school. Happily I should be mostly done with this year in a bit more than 40 hours among which 7 hours of examinations.

Anyway, I was able to pack together a simple but nice shader editor. It currently only supports fragment programs, but it works well. It’s built around pygtkglext and python-opengl, and makes use of ctypes to bind all the fragment programs related functions. Supporting vertex programs shouldn’t be too hard, actually most of what’s needed for it is already in place, it just needs some GUIfication.
All the required dependencies are in Gutsy’s Universe (pygtkglext wasn’t in Feisty’s).

Here’s a screenshot (click on the thumbnail to view the full resolution picture) :
gShaderEdit Preview

Fresh-from-git source can be found at http://guillaume.segu.in/code/gshaderedit.git/ :
$ git clone http://guillaume.segu.in/code/gshaderedit.git/
$ cd gshaderedit
$ python gshaderedit.py

Should you find any bug, please report it to me by mail (you can find my address in the AUTHORS file).