May 30th, 2007 @ 19:46

As part of Summer of Code 2007, I’m going to work on color filtering through Compiz/Beryl.
The final goal of this project is to provide a flexible and efficient way to filter colors, switch through different filtering schemes or easily create custom filters.

June 18 : fragment program shaders test application to check the effect of a filter on an area of the screen or a picture (there’s currently no such software, only QShaderEdit which doesn’t support shaders on textures).
June 20 : filters (both test filters to see what color blind or vision impaired people actually see and corrective filters)
June 30 : working plugin using pre-defined filters
July 2 : easy switching through a customizable list of filters
July 10 : cumulative filters support
July 31 : configurator enabling user to preview the effects of a filter or a set of filters (using as much parts of the program used for testing filters) as well as making his own
August : debug, improvements, random ideas implementation, testing

Please note that this roadmap is just a kind of draft, especially since I might be still quite busy with school until June 17th (*sigh*, there are three written tests remaining, one per Saturday).