July 19th, 2007 @ 04:32

Phew, 10 days without a single post! It’s about time to dump some news =)

What has been going on since last post? Well, I attended the French “Libre Software Meeting” (a.k.a. RMLL), which took place in my city (Amiens) last week. I held a Compiz Fusion stand from Tuesday to Saturday, demoed it a lot, had some historic/ethic/technical discussions with several people. I think I succeeded at proving that Compiz Fusion isn’t just about eyecandy but is able to improve usability as well. Even though I have sometimes been asked to show atlantis, firepaint, water or burning windows, I think that Cube is still the most impressive thing we have, especially with the pretty reflections it now has. Isn’t it a bit weird to talk about impressive things just after writing the word “usability”? *cough*

I wrote today (a bit late, I admit) a nice demo script that shows the most well known Compiz Fusion features. The script uses PyGTK for the text messages (such as features names) and uinput to send keyboard/mouse events to Compiz through the kernel. I will upload it as soon as I will have cleaned it and commented it.

What about the color filter stuff? Well, I have a nearly usable Filters Manager, but I have some issues when it comes to finishing it.
First, I am now unsure on how to show the Source/Replacement pickers. The first possible solution is the one I published in the previous posts. The second one is a bit more complicated : the two rings would be concentric. The user would be able to move the marker in the inner one to select source hue, and move the whole outer ring to select replacement hue (by making source/replacement aligned under the marker). I wonder if that solution is more difficult to use or not…

Filters Generator - New UI proposal
I still miss the replacement shader source, I seriously need to get some kind of high level shading language to fragment program compiler compiled asap.

The other problem is that I have no clue on how to do the “Cumulative Filters” preview ><. To make it right I guess I would need to use just the same code as what is in Compiz Fragment Interface, but then I think that this code should be another shared library that Compiz and I would use (and not a Compiz core part that one would have to copy/paste). I probably need to mail David (Compiz core developer) about it. *laziness* What am I working on? I am spending a few days at writing some Compiz patches to fix the most annoying issues I am facing (mainly Metacity => Compiz switch problems). I also have a working window workspace-to-viewport patch for those who would want it (for instance, when switching from Metacity to Compiz, windows which were on workspace 3 are moved to viewport 3). A similar viewport to workspace patch is in my todolist. I am also planning to try to fix some feature regressions from Beryl in Cube and Rotate soon.

I am going to write a simple Python/PyGTK/PySQLite application tomorrow to let my father’s students fill information forms which would get added to a local SQLite database and then imported into his class website. Simple but useful.

Color filtering stuff is being worked on all the time (I am actually doing other things while not working on it, not the opposite). I am going to implement some suggestions into the Compiz colorfilter plugin soon, fix some bugs tomorrow as well, and I have recently fixed some gShaderEdit’s previewArea redrawing problems.

Real life? My parents really love going to lost villages without serious modern means (read : without a single cybercafé in a reasonable range) and I have no reliable way to get internet access. I am checking my emails at least 4 times a day though, thanks to my faithful cellphone. If you need me, just mail me.

Last thing, huge thanks to EPPLUG (my local LUG) for the awesome work they did before and during the meeting!