blogit.gitMinimalist, git-based, blog platform Guillaume Seguin13 years
camlui.gitGraphical frontend for camllight Guillaume Seguin15 years
cloudpy.gitA simple fault-tolerant cloud computing ...Guillaume Seguin14 years
cmu.gitInternship at the Robotics Institute at ...Guillaume Seguin13 years
compiz/fusion-releasekit.gitCompiz Fusion release kit Guillaume Seguin15 years
compiz/fusion-wp-theme.gitCompiz Fusion Wordpress Theme Guillaume Seguin15 years
dusu_website.gitDuSu's website, django based Guillaume Seguin15 years
enso.gitEnso git-svn mirror Guillaume Seguin15 years
enso_linux.gitLinux-specific code for Enso. Guillaume Seguin15 years
gmathlib.gitgMathLib, mathematic expressions handlin...Guillaume Seguin15 years
gnome-about.gitAccessible gnome-about rewrite Guillaume Seguin15 years
gnxtlogger.gitLogger and grapher for LEJOS OSEK NXT bl...Guillaume Seguin15 years
gol.gitSimple PyGTK Game of Life Guillaume Seguin16 years
kuwii.gitWiimote driver Guillaume Seguin13 years
marks.gitDjango based marks comparison applicatio...Guillaume Seguin15 years
mobundleped.gitMoped and Bundler outputs mixer Guillaume Seguin13 years
moobot.gitMooooo ! Schlak ! Guillaume Seguin13 years
multiwpcreator.gitEasy to use multiple wallpaper creator Guillaume Seguin13 years
netnavalbattle.gitNetworked Battleship game Guillaume Seguin14 years
panor.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin14 years
petitcaml.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file to na...Guillaume Seguin14 years
planetpixels.gitPlanetPixels source code Guillaume Seguin12 years
pylyricsdisplay.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin14 years
pypackage.gitUn répo à la con pour un ptit sample d...Guillaume Seguin15 years
python/tictactoe.gitClassic PyGTK Tic Tac Toe Guillaume Seguin16 years
screenshot-beautifier.gitSimple cairo screenshot with style tool Guillaume Seguin16 years
segway.gitNXT Segway-like robot app Guillaume Seguin15 years
spacetimemanifolds.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin12 years
sqwarea-helper.gitSqwarea Greasemonkey helpers Guillaume Seguin13 years
sqwareapi.gitSqwarea Python API Guillaume Seguin13 years
stocktrader.gitStock trading game based on Django frame...Guillaume Seguin15 years
sysdigit.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file to na...Guillaume Seguin14 years
tsp.gitTravelling Salesman Problem algorithms Guillaume Seguin15 years
ugok.gitMinimal GTK Onscreen Keyboard Guillaume Seguin16 years
umlpy.gitUML-like graph producer from Python sour...Guillaume Seguin14 years
wowarmopyUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin14 years