cloudpy.gitA simple fault-tolerant cloud computing ...Guillaume Seguin11 years
gnome-about.gitAccessible gnome-about rewrite Guillaume Seguin13 years
python/tictactoe.gitClassic PyGTK Tic Tac Toe Guillaume Seguin13 years
compiz/fusion-wp-theme.gitCompiz Fusion Wordpress Theme Guillaume Seguin13 years
compiz/fusion-releasekit.gitCompiz Fusion release kit Guillaume Seguin12 years
marks.gitDjango based marks comparison applicatio...Guillaume Seguin12 years
dusu_website.gitDuSu's website, django based Guillaume Seguin12 years
multiwpcreator.gitEasy to use multiple wallpaper creator Guillaume Seguin10 years
enso.gitEnso git-svn mirror Guillaume Seguin12 years
camlui.gitGraphical frontend for camllight Guillaume Seguin13 years
cmu.gitInternship at the Robotics Institute at ...Guillaume Seguin10 years
enso_linux.gitLinux-specific code for Enso. Guillaume Seguin13 years
gnxtlogger.gitLogger and grapher for LEJOS OSEK NXT bl...Guillaume Seguin12 years
ugok.gitMinimal GTK Onscreen Keyboard Guillaume Seguin13 years
blogit.gitMinimalist, git-based, blog platform Guillaume Seguin10 years
moobot.gitMooooo ! Schlak ! Guillaume Seguin10 years
mobundleped.gitMoped and Bundler outputs mixer Guillaume Seguin10 years
segway.gitNXT Segway-like robot app Guillaume Seguin13 years
netnavalbattle.gitNetworked Battleship game Guillaume Seguin11 years
planetpixels.gitPlanetPixels source code Guillaume Seguin9 years
gol.gitSimple PyGTK Game of Life Guillaume Seguin13 years
screenshot-beautifier.gitSimple cairo screenshot with style tool Guillaume Seguin13 years
sqwarea-helper.gitSqwarea Greasemonkey helpers Guillaume Seguin10 years
sqwareapi.gitSqwarea Python API Guillaume Seguin10 years
stocktrader.gitStock trading game based on Django frame...Guillaume Seguin12 years
tsp.gitTravelling Salesman Problem algorithms Guillaume Seguin13 years
umlpy.gitUML-like graph producer from Python sour...Guillaume Seguin11 years
pypackage.gitUn répo à la con pour un ptit sample d...Guillaume Seguin13 years
panor.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin11 years
wowarmopyUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin11 years
pylyricsdisplay.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin11 years
spacetimemanifolds.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'desc...Guillaume Seguin10 years
sysdigit.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file to na...Guillaume Seguin11 years
petitcaml.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file to na...Guillaume Seguin11 years
kuwii.gitWiimote driver Guillaume Seguin10 years
gmathlib.gitgMathLib, mathematic expressions handlin...Guillaume Seguin12 years