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Removed the TODO file, as we now use the issue tracker for this stuff.
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-Things to do:
-* enso.quasimode.charmaps mentions windows vkCodes; this is
- platform-specific and ideally shouldn't be. I think this goes back
- to some big issue we had regarding how to refactor Enso's input
- handling, but I forget what it was.
-* the setQuasimodeKey() and setModal() methods in enso.quasimode
- are very odd; see if we can eliminate them.
-* Lots of constants are in enso.quasimode.layout that might
- best be moved to enso.config.
-* There are some constants in enso.messages.primarywindow
- that we may want to move to enso.config. Also consider moving
- the styles for document, p, caption tags, etc.
-* Consider moving some constants in enso.messages.miniwindows too.
-* Consider turning LONGTERM TODOs in source code into TODOs.