Guillaume Seguin
These days, I'm mostly interested in computer vision and parallel computing. I also have interests in robotics and computational photography (I'm a photography addict). During the past year or two, I've been working on quite a few things, either as part of my studies, or for pure fun :
  • Panor, a software aimed to produce consistent panoramas from flickr tag searches.
  • Cloudpy, a fault tolerant distributed computing system, written in Python.
  • Umlpy, a simple script, based on Epydoc, to provide UML-like diagrams from Python source codes without much extra work.
  • pyLyricsDisplay, a simple karaoke player & editor, which is based on a simple text format.
  • A multithreaded event-driven simulator for use with ns-3 network simulator, which lead to interesting investigations on multithreaded reference counting and memory caches handling.
  • Cloudster (as part of a larger development team), a clustering framework over the Cloud, using Windows® Azure™.
  • An unnamed logic circuit simulation toolkit, with a circuit builder interface and a visual circuit debugger, which was used to simulator a simple microprocessor which was itself running a realtime clock and calendar.
  • An unnamed compiler for a fragment of OCaml, written in OCaml and using OCamlLex and Menhir, and which outputs (valid) MIPS assembly.
  • NXT Segway, an inverted-pendulum motion based robot, similar to the Segway, build using a LEGO NXT. (see also this other video of the NXT Segway)
  • Training four teams of 3 students for the SWERC 09, which is the regional selection for the worldwide ACM-ICPC algorithmics and programming contest.
  • Giving out basic & advanced LaTeX 2-hours formations to ENS students with the Tuteurs.
Here is an unexhaustive list of the documents I've written in the past : And here is an unexhaustive list of slides for talks or presentations I've given in the past :


I am a French student and open source software contributor.
I was born and grew up in Amiens, half way between Lille and Paris. After two years of preparatory classes, I entered the École Normale Supérieure of Paris (a.k.a. ENS Ulm), and I am currently studying computer science (doing a research MD). My future life aims are not that crystal clear these days. I intended to become either a full time open-source developer or a software engineer, but I may very well become a computer science researcher, or something in between.

I have been doing web development since 2001 and more generic development (involving C or C++) since 2004. I first tried GNU/Linux in 2004, spent several months playing with Slackware, Gentoo and Debian, and I definitely switched in late 2005. I am now maintaining several Ubuntu and Gentoo desktops and laptops and a couple of Debian server running lighttpd for www stuff and providing git services for developers. Check my resume for more details.

My favourite programming languages are Python, C and C++. I prefer GNOME over KDE for random reasons, among which gtk holds a good place. I would like to drop any form of panel and desktop manager in favor of a swiss knife of my own and a shiny window manager. Nevertheless, I wish there would be an open source springy and natural desktop manager similar to Bumptop, which looks just as fun and useless as Kiba-Dock.

If reading this page hasn't bored you yet, check my blog for an overview of what I am currently working on.


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